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Another quiet & sunny day across the north.

Yet another red sunrise this morning, this picture (to the right) was taken at 7:00 from my living room window. Clear skies have followed, but cool northeast winds have kept temperatures only in the mid-30s.

Today's Numbers:

Temps: low: 21.1 high: 36.5
Dew pt: between 15 and 20 degrees
Winds: 3 mph E/NE gusting to 10
Baro: from 30.39" Hg falling slightly
Sky: clear
Snowdepth: 18.1"

A couple of uber-zoomed pictures of ice fishing.

I took this first one (
to the left) at a pull-over on highway US-2 in Ashland, looking north at the old ore dock on Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior. In the lower-left, some boats are visible in the marina.

Off the end of the dock are little blobs that are actually people, portable ice shelters, and trucks/snowmobiles. Farther in the background is the Bayfield Peninsula and the Apostle Islands.

I tried to get a picture of a truck on the ice and ended up with this picture (to the right). An ice fishing shelter (and maybe a guy fishing) are the dark blobs behind the truck.

I have no idea what the maximum depth of the ice is, but vehicles on the ice would probably indicate a depth of 12 inches or more.

It's been many years since I've been ice fishing, and I almost miss it. Not the jigging crap, it's silly to sit out there and freeze while holding a mini-fishing pole... I would rather use tip-ups and a warm ice shack.

Currently on the ground.

As of this afternoon I measured 18.1 inches of snow pack; while I was measuring I took a picture of the measuring stick (to the left).

With sunny skies and dry air, the snow has been sublimating over the last few days. Five days ago I recorded the deepest snow depth of the winter (21.1") and that depth has reduced by three inches since then.

Some light lake-effect snow is forecast for tonight, that might boost us up a few inches.

Comparing the numbers.

I've previously posted a chart that displays measured snow depth and accumulated snow, here's the updated version (to the right). So far I've measured almost 72 inches total this winter.

The dark blue line is a running total of snow that has fallen at my place. The maroon(ish) line shows the depth of snow on the ground over time. Since Christmas we have kept over 10 inches of snow, with two occasions of over 20 inches.

Soon the snow pack will be on a downward slide. All of this data is pretty much average -- nothing strange, except that snowfall is maybe a few inches above normal.

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