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Snow overnight, a few snow showers this morning as a low pressure moves through.

Snow began last night, on the hill here, around 23:30. This morning I measured 1.4 inches, bringing the seasonal total to 73.795 inches, with 19.6 inches still on the ground.

This is a radar screenshot from Wunderground.com (to the right) at 9:15 this morning - a few scattered showers continue.

Some reports:

0.7" Sarona, Washburn Co.
1.0" Butternut, Ashland Co.
0.8" Duluth NWS, St. Louis Co.
1.5" Gile, Iron Co.

The numbers from the last three days.

This is a screenshot (
to the left) from my personal weather station that shows temperature, dew point, and barometric pressure since Sunday (23rd).

A large area of low pressure has been moving across the western Great Lakes, bringing warmer temperatures but also snow and rain showers across the region.

Surface map.

This image (
to the right) is from the HPC and shows surface features at 7:00 this morning. Two low pressures show up on the map, the main one is over western Lake Superior with a secondary low over Iowa.

CoCoRaHS reports from Wisconsin show that precipitation has fallen over the entire state from this system.

The cold front will be passing through the state today, bringing cooler and drier air, bringing sunshine to the forecast tomorrow!

Three pictures of last night's snow.

1) The deck and the garage. The warm temps this morning have allowed the deck to begin melting.

2) The front deck with a black squirrel eating the sunflower seed beneath the bird feeder. Black squirrels are not a separate species, but a color phase of a grey squirrel. Same squirrel, different hair dye. I heard mutterings as I grew up that black squirrels are mean and something different... not true! The black squirrel at my feeder is a welcome visitor and is very friendly.

3) A picture showing the front deck, the bird feeder, the same black squirrel, and some of the trees next to the deck.

Winter almost over in Oshkosh??

This clip (above) is OSNW3's comment from my post yesterday. By the definition we are toying with, winter might be over in a few days at Oshkosh.

Sorry to say that spring is still a few weeks away up here in the Northwoods, but this is normal, I haven't gotten my hopes up yet (unlike Derek) that spring is here. I'll be looking forward to the end of the snow pack in April.

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