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Sunny and calm on Maple Hill, snow and clouds across the south.

I took a picture of the sun on the trees out of my dining room window at 9:35 this morning (to the right).

1 to 3 inches of snow are possible along the Illinois borderland but the snow will not reach very far north... most of Wisconsin will see very little from this system. It looks like the system will continue its march to the east and the snow will end across Wisconsin by tomorrow morning.

More information regarding this system can be found on WeatherScout.

Current conditions.

After a warm day yesterday (40.5 at 13:05) we started off today a bit cooler (17.0 at 6:50 this morning). The screenshot (to the left) shows the conditions at Ashland's airport at 8:53 this morning.

I measured the snow pack this morning and found a depth of 17.8 inches of snow; it's slowly decreasing. With some sun, dry air, and a light breeze, more should sublimate by tonight.

The forecast for the hill.

Unfortunately, the forecast from the NWS Duluth (to the right) doesn't bring my temperatures above freezing today, perhaps tomorrow. A high pressure remains in control of the region, bringing cooler air on north breeze today.

It does look like a messy end to the weekend is possible. If the temperatures are nudged lower by a few degrees we may see snow instead of a mixture. Currently the NWS is estimating that 1 or 2 inches of snow is possible from this system.

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