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Red sun in the morning, sailors take warning!

In this case, the sailors have nothing to worry about (not that we have many sailors here) - my red sunrise this morning is only a sign of the nice weather ahead of us!

I snapped this picture (to the right) a few minutes after 7:00 as the sun was rising above the treeline. This is the view from my living room window, with the deck's bird feeder on the left.

Most of Wisconsin had a beautiful sunrise this morning.

A satellite view.

This image (to the left) is from the UW's SSEC and snows Wisconsin at 8:45 this morning.

The southeast quarter of the state is still suffering from the large low pressure system that has been plaguing the mid-Mississippi and Ohio River valleys.

High cirrus clouds and some low stratus will be pushed to the east by some cooler and drier air from the north. This isn't brutal arctic air like the past few months, this is nice air!

Thanks to a high pressure.

Currently there is an area of high pressure (1030 mb) west of Hudson Bay that will slide south the next six days.

The high may have originated near the north pole, but the strong late-March sun has modified the air into something warmer. More importantly, it's dry air, and will be able to suppress the track of any storm systems to our south.

This map (to the right) is from the HPC and shows the approximate location of he high pressure by Monday morning. We have had a very cloudy winter up here in far northern Wisconsin, but the next five days of sun will help make up for all the clouds we've had.

A nice forecast!

Average high temperature: 39 F
Average low: 18 degrees F.

Looking at the NWS's forecast (to the left) our afternoon temperatures will probably be slightly below average, but warmer than the past few weeks.

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