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The snow began last night around 19:00 with a temperature of 32.1 degrees. The National Weather Service in Duluth forecast 1 to 3 inches of snow across the northern Wisconsin and northeast Minnesota by daybreak today.

This radar screenshot (above) is centered on Duluth, MN and shows the snow falling across the area at 20:54. Earlier in the evening there were reports of rain mixing in across western Wisconsin.

This radar screenshot (above) is from WDIO in Duluth, MN and shows the regional radar at 22:02.

And this last radar screenshot (above) is from 4:57 this morning, also centered on Duluth, MN. The radar echoes continued to slide east out of the area.

I measured 3.9 inches of new snow, giving me 20.6 inches of snow currently on the ground.

I took this picture (above) as I was taking a core sample of the new snow.

My 3.9 inches of snow melted into a water equivalent of 0.38 inches of liquid... this produces a ratio of 10:1. Despite an average snow:liquid ratio, the warm temperatures have allowed the snow to become extremely packy and dense.

And lastly, snow reports from the region are in the chart below. I collected this information from the NWS in Duluth, Marquette, Green Bay, and La Crosse.

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