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25. 26. February Precipitation Wrap-up. 27. 28.

February 2008 ended at 102% of average liquid precipitation, but this was partly due to this being a leap year.

I measured 0.775" of liquid this month, which is 102% of the climatological average at the UW Experimental Farm's 0.76". If it wasn't for the 29th, the last amount of liquid would have fallen in March. February is historically the driest month of the year, and it passed without fanfare here -- right where it should be.

I measured 10.75" of snow this month, bringing the total this winter to 63.645" so far.

December's snow was about three-times higher than average, and last March saw two very large snowstorms, so there is still time for my snowfall total to rise higher. However, 63 inches is well within a normal range for a winter here. No records for above-average snow have been broken, in fact some places (e.g. Duluth) have had near-record minimum snowfall. Duluth's probably hasn't been felt across northern Wisconsin, but it is true that most snowstorms have stayed south of us this winter.


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