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Below average temperatures continue, snow tonight/tomorrow and then some more arctic air.

Temperatures this morning were cool across the western Great Lakes, the map from Hourly US Weather Stats (to the right) shows US temperatures at 6:00 CST. The 0 degree Fahrenheit contour is draped south over Lake Superior borderland.

At 4:40 this morning I measured my low temperature of -0.8 degrees. However, temperatures rebounded and the sunshine was bright this morning, my afternoon high reached 20.8 degrees at 14:25.

A clipper system will move in from the Dakotas tonight.

A relatively weak low pressure (1003 mb) that is currently centered in South Dakota will push east tonight and will bring a cold front across the Upper Midwest as it does so. Current surface features show up on this map (to the left from the HPC).

After this system, some arctic air will briefly be funneled towards the Great Lakes, but not nearly as frigid as a month ago. The NWS forecast for my location calls for a low of -6 Friday morning and a high of 7 Friday.

A few inches possible by tomorrow afternoon.

Today's weather story from the NWS Duluth (to the right) shows that they expect between 1 - 3 inches of snow to fall before the clipper exists on Wednesday. In their 15:24 discussion this afternoon they have stated that 1 - 2 inches is more likely.

Even with the colder temperatures Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, models indicate that warmer air should start to return on Sunday and Monday with possibility of rising above 32 degrees early this next week.

This morning I measured 17.4 inches of snow pack here in my yard. Paved roads are now clear from the sun and traffic, but dirt roads are still completely packed with snow.

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