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Looking back at how 2007's precipitation compared with average.

First the caveats: climatological data is collected 10 miles south of my location... not a large amount, but with the proximity to Lake Superior and the hilly terrain, there are differences; the beginning of 2007 was measured at the Ashland airport, before I arrived back in the US.

The summer months were exceptionally dry, in fact the US Drought Monitor placed northern Wisconsin, most of the UP of Michigan, and the Arrowhead of Minnesota in an Extreme Drought category by August. I have posts concerning this drought here. (The current map of Midwest drought conditions can be viewed here.) September, October, and December saw extra rain and snow, but the multi-year drought is still a threat.

I created a quick graph (to the left) that shows local data from the last seven years to show a trend. Average precipitation for one calendar year is around 30.06", five of the last seven years we have received less than that.

2007 ended a bit higher than 2006, but was still 5.215" below average; September, October and December brought the yearly total higher but that was after the growing season had already finished.

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