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Local Storm Reports.
I collected local storm reports from the various NWS Offices that cover this region - Minneapolis, Duluth, Green Bay, and Marquette - and entered that data into a spreadsheet (to the right).

The highest reports occurred on a diagonal line from southern Polk County through southern Sawyer County, with a high amount also reported in the western UP of Michigan. Amounts quickly tapered off to the east and south.

Radar last night.

This radar screenshot (to the left) is centered on Duluth at 1:12 and shows a heavier band of snow moving into my location.

I measured 3.8 inches of snow at 9:30 this morning. My core sample produced 0.3" water equivalent, giving a snow-to-liquid ratio of 13:1. I now have 21.1 inches of snow on the ground... the highest of the season.

I took the pictures (below) from around my house this morning, after the snow finished. Initial forecasts called for 3 to 6 inches across northern Wisconsin, so a Winter Weather Advisory was issued. Later that advisory was downgraded to a Snow Advisory and 2 to 4 inches were forecast. These maps and information can be found in yesterday's post.

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