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Saturday, 1 March 2008
Mawikwe Ice Caves
Apostle Island National Lakeshore
Bayfield County, Wisconsin

46.90062° N 91.03624° W 600 ft amsl.

Three bipedal friends (Susanne, Lisa, and Brian) and I, with two other quadrupeds (Bello the Gordon Setter and Belvedere the Bassett Hound), went to see the Ice Caves only a 45 minute drive from my house.

It was sunny Saturday afternoon with temperatures in the lower 20s, and a north breeze at 10 mph, bringing the wind chill down several degrees.

The mile walk to the Ice Caves across the frozen shoreline of Lake Superior is only safe for several weeks out of the year, so many tourists (and locals) flock to see the caves while the window of opportunity is open. We saw hundreds of people and numerous dogs while we were there..

I snapped 65 pictures of our two and-a-half hours of walking along the shoreline and cave exploration. Hopefully this slideshow has turned out alright and conveys some of beauty of the rocks and ice.

National Park Service's Mawikwe Sea Caves page.
NPS's Apostle Island National Lakeshore page.
Wikipedia's Cornucopia, WI page with a cave picture.

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