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Sunny the last two days, one more beautiful day to go. American Birkie race today.

Today I attended the 35th Annual Birkebeiner that's held between Cable and Hayward, Wisconsin - I'll post pictures and video separately.

What a beautiful day for the race! Early morning temperatures were a little chilly (in the single digits) but the low-level fog burned off quickly and the sun warmed temps up around 30 degrees. Almost no wind made being outside enjoyable and everything was so bright with the snow on the ground.

The chart (above to the right) shows my high and low temperatures for the last eighteen days (red and blue lines) with average high and low temperatures (dashed lines).

Large temperature fluctuations are indicative of La Nina winters here in northern Wisconsin... above freezing one day and below zero four days later. Winter here has it's ups and downs every few days but above freezing is not normal - ten days above 32 degrees in January, one in February (the second for this month is probably tomorrow).

An image of cloud-free Wisconsin (to the left) on satellite image at 14:02 this afternoon from the UW's SSEC.

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