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Snow and Blowing Snow Advisories for lake-effect across parts of northern Wisconsin.

I had no snow today while the southern 2/3 of Wisconsin has been hit by a strong winter storm. Reports have ranged from rain, freezing rain, and snow, with roads ice covered and hazardous.

It was overcast today but warm and mild with a breeze becoming northerly. My high temperature was 30.3 around 11:00.

Winds become favorable for lake-effect tonight.

I'm a little skeptical that we will actually get any snow off Lake Superior. The water temperature is cooling (35.8 degrees is now the lake-wide average), the winds appear unlikely to achieve a northeast component, and more ice has been building around the coasts. The last time there was a warning for lake-effect, on Feb 13th, only half as much snow fell as predicted. Maybe it would be best to take this forecast snowfall and cut it in half too.

The first map (above) is from the NWS in Duluth and snows current advisories and warnings across the area. The second map (to the left) shows forecast winds at 3:00. Between now and Monday evening the winds will be northerly, sustained in the high 10s while gusting up to 30 mph.

The Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory for Iron, Ashland, and Bayfield counties calls for 2 to 4 inches of snow tonight with another 2 to 4 inches tomorrow.

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