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Light snow overnight that has ended this afternoon with the passage of the cold front.

The first radar shot (
to the right) was from 9:49 this morning and shows the lighter snow across northern Wisconsin with a band of heavier snow back in Minnesota.

Snow that fell overnight occurred as the warm front moved across the area, while the heavier snow was focused along the cold front as it pushed southeast through the region today.

This second radar image (to the left) is from this afternoon at 13:04. The cold front passed through the region after 10:00 and the colder air began flowing in on gusty northwest winds. The radar shows the snow becoming more cellular in nature in the colder/drier air as the last moisture is wrung from the atmosphere.

My snow, here on the eastern edge of the Bayfield Peninsula, ended around 14:30. My snowboard had 1.6 inches of new snow on top of it, which melted down to 0.11 inches of liquid equivalent.

Snowfall amounts around the area.

No recent reports were posted from NWS Marquette, but I went through NWS Duluth's and entered those numbers into an Excel spreadsheet (to the right).

The highest reports were from the north (5 miles NE of Grand Marais) and south shore (Gile) of Lake Superior. Most of western Lake Superior is ice covered, so the lake did not greatly affect this snow event.

Forecast snow amounts from this system ranged from 1-2 inches west of the St. Croix River to 2-4" across northern Wisconsin and the Arrowhead of Minnesota. We received a little less than forecast.

Numbers and charts...

I took this screenshot (to the left) is from 18:00 and shows the last three days.

The green line is maximum wind speeds, the black line is sea-level barometric pressure, and the blue line is outside temperature.

The cold front passage is evident from the pressure dropping and then rising just after 10:00, and the winds drastically increase as the temp drops.

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