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Blowing snow from gusty winds and low wind chills from arctic air.

The two charts (to the right) are from my weather station here on the hill. I've added some information and times to each chart to better explain what the features are and why I wanted to post them. Both charts are from the same time period: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

The first has Outside Temperature (blue line), Barometer (black line), and
Windchill (purple line).

The second is the same as the first, except instead of wind chill there is maximum windspeed (green line).

Cold? Absolutely, but this wasn't the coldest temperature I have measured this winter. January 19th I had -16.4 degrees for a low temperature.

Also, many places do get colder than I do since I'm not very far from the moderating influences of Lake Superior. Inland locations can be up to 15 degrees colder some nights.

Strong winds across the region spread behind the arctic front.

This screenshot (
to the left) is from the NWS Duluth's public information page. Highest windgusts across northwest Wisconsin and northeast Minnesota are listed. Grand Marais reported the highest in the region with 55 mph. GM is located on the north shore of Lake Superior, very near the Canadian border. My highest windgust was 34 mph, which is impressive due to my very sheltered location surrounded by hills and thick forest.

This second screenshot are the lowest wind chill readings recorded across the region on Sunday. Even northern Wisconsin fell into the minus forty range. I measured -32.6 as my lowest wind chill reading.

Wind Chill warnings were posted across the entire region Saturday night and Sunday, with Wind Chill Advisories inplace from Sunday evening until mid-day Monday.

Sunny across the north, clouds farther south.

A nice morning here at my house, temperatures warming out of the negative numbers (1.1 degrees now at 10:00) and there are no winds.

I took a screenshot (to the right) of the current satellite image of Wisconsin, and then noted a few things on it. This image is from the University of Wisconsin and updates every 30 minutes.

On this image you can clearly see the cut-off line of the northern forests, our snowcover isn't visible through the trees.

Plenty of snow cover across the entire region.

This map from the NOHRSC (to the left) shows current snow depths across the state.

Over the weekend I measured 0.8" of snow, it was blowing and drifting so results may vary. This brings my winter total to 55.995" of snow.

I also measured 14.5" of snow currently on the ground here in my yard. The maximum depth was 18.5" on 26 December 2007. But there's still time.

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