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A brief cold plunge is coming tomorrow!

My NWS forecast is this screenshot
(to the right). Saturday's high temperature will occur shortly after midnight with temperatures dropping throughout the day, afternoon readings will probably be in the single digits, continuing their slide overnight. Luckily, the cold air won't hang around very long.

Current Advisories across the region.

This map (to the left), from MichiganWxSystem, shows current advisories by county. The legend is located at the bottom of the map.

A Windchill Watch is in effect for the northern 2/3rds of the state for possible winchills Saturday night and Sunday morning between -25 and -50 degrees.

Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for the western-half of the state for 1-2" of possible snow that will blow and drift later Saturday.

All the change will occur with the cold front passage Saturday afternoon.

This map (to the right), from the HPC, shows the forecast surface weather map around 12:00 on Saturday. Light snow is possible along the front, though with cold fronts this fast and arctic, very little snow usually falls. As the front moves through, winds will strengthen as they switch to the northwest and usher down the arctic air from Canada. A strong high pressure (1042 mb) will move in immediately behind the cold front, the difference in pressure between the two features is what will produce our strong winds.

Below average only for the weekend.

This is a chart of the forecast high and low temperatures for my location. The red displays high temps, the blue low, and the dashed lines are the average high and low temperatures.

The large dip looks nasty, but this has been the trend this winter: up-down-up.

Our expected high temperature on Sunday is lower than our average low temperature.

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