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We still have snow in our immediate future, then we will have to watch the jet stream -- it may pull polar air into the region behind this snow.

Models keep the low pressure across the mid-Mississippi Valley and the Eastern Great Lakes. However, the low pressure will leave a trough over Western Lake Superior and the UP of Michigan. This feature will keep the threat of snow and flurries around after the low departs.

NWS Duluth's current Weather Story (to the right) depicts where they think the highest
snowfall will occur - Duluth northward along the North Shore can look for 5 inches. The rest of northwestern Wisconsin can expect general amounts of 1 to 3 inches by Friday morning.

Snow will begin to overspread the region late this afternoon and evening. Any heavier snow should taper off by Friday morning, but scattered light snow will be possible into Saturday.

The map (to the left) shows the expected forecast track of the low pressure. It will slow down and deepen (strengthen) over southeastern Ontario, but it will keep moving out. Green is 18:00 tonight, and orange is 6:00 Friday. More maps and info can be found at the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC).

Looking at next week.

This map (to the right) that shows current and forecast jet stream positions, shows the trough of low pressure over the central US will deepen and move east. This will allow a ridge to form off the west coast of North America. Computer models are now indicating that the ridge will continue to buck into the deepening trough, building the ridge up into Alaska towards the North Pole.

This will have to be watched very closely as there is potential for very cold polar air to be swept down into the Upper Midwest next week and weekend. Temperatures down into the negative 30s would be possible the computer models are accurate.

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