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Schools closed, blizzard-like conditions in some locations from strong winds and snow, slippery roads, and cold air invading.

A complicated list of current warnings and advisories overlay the maps, but the map (to the right) is from the NWS in Minneapolis and shows the main warnings in their forecast area.

Also, more information about the warnings for Polk, Barron, St. Croix, Dunn, Burnett, and Washburn counties can be found on Derek's NW Wisconsin Weather Blog.

Warnings and Advisories across northern Wisconsin.

All of NWS Duluth's Forecast Area has a Windchill Warning tonight through tomorrow for windchill values as low as -50 degrees. At that temperature it will only take a few minutes for exposed skin to freeze.

Also, Duluth's area has a Winter Weather Advisory today for 2 to 5 inches of snow and strong winds creating white-out conditions. This advisory expires at midnight.

This radar screenshot (above to the left) is from the Independent Network for Logisitical Observations of Weather (WI - INFLOW).

SPC Mesoscale Discussion.

The Storm Prediction Center (
SPC) has been watching the northern 2/3rds of Wisconsin, concerning possible heavy snow. A band of heavy snow moved though southeast Minnesota and will advance into northern Wisconsin this afternoon. Conditions are favorable for 1-inch per hour snowfall with winds gusting to 35 mph, creating brief blizzard-like conditions.

Derek has reported that in southeastern Polk County snowfall rates have increased in the last several hours and winds are creating hazardous weather.

The 25th Annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is half over.

The race started from Duluth on Sunday runs 411 miles up the north shore of Lake Superior and back down to Duluth, where the contestants are expected on Wednesday or Thursday.

I've been listening this morning to the HAM Radio frequency that is used to coordinate the race and the checkpoints. Around noon the half-way checkpoint reported the last sled left it's camp and dismantled... so the racers are over half finished.

Twenty-seven teams started, and this morning three more dropped out, leaving twelve still in the race. Rain, snow, and ice last night is now combining with cold temperatures and wind making the race even more difficult.

The Beargrease Race is the longest in the Lower 48 and a qualifier for the
Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska.

My weather station here on the hill.

The chart (to the right) is from my weather station, showing the last three days starting on Sunday.

The black line and the scale on the right is the barometric reading; the blue line is temperature, the green line is dewpoint, and their scale on the left.

Between 21:00 last night and 03:00 this morning I had 0.20" of rain.

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