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A little more cold before a warm-up.

The National Weather Services in Duluth and Minneapolis have begun issuing Windchill Advisories for their forecast areas. These advisories begin tonight and end tomorrow morning (Thursday).
By definition, a windchill advisory is issued when windchill values are expected to reach between -25 and -34 degrees with winds over 10 mph.

Duluth expects windchills to reach between -25 and -40 tonight over northern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.

Minneapolis expects windchills to reach between -25 and -35 tonight over east-central Minnesota and west-central Wisconsin.

map from USWX.com (to the right) shows where the current advisories are in effect in Wisconsin.

Today was the another day of sun.

Three days of sun in a row?!?! Is this really northern Wisconsin? Ice is starting to form offshore on Lake Superior which is helping to reduce low-level moisture from forming clouds. Also, the cold Canadian high pressures that have dominated our weather this past week have been so dry it is difficult for the clouds to hang around for long.

When you add those two factors up, you get some blue sky!

These two pictures (to the left) are from early this afternoon. The top one is taken from the lower end of the driveway, looking across the road and a field. The bottom one is looking east while I stood on the road below our driveway. The neighbor's house and garage are the grey and red buildings to the left.

The plow went through today and scraped the road, at least now the yellow center-stripe is visible... small steps.

The low clouds on the eastern horizon are some moisture off Lake Superior affecting the UP of Michigan.

Cold air is still entrenched across the region for another day or two.

The map and data (to the right) are screenshots of some local information.

On the far right is a map of temperatures across the State at 2:20 pm. 0 degrees in Duluth/Superior and 10 in Milwaukee.

Two cities closer to home are on the left of the screenshot. Both are from 2:54 this afternoon.

This arctic air will modify by the weekend (see my previous post). Tonight and tomorrow will still be chilly. The box (to the left) is a screenshot of the current advisories for my county. Hopefully this will be blank tomorrow.

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