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Late Evening Update:

At 23:30 I was driving in Ashland, clear skies and a brisk wind. The airport there reports -10 degrees currently with a windchill of -28.

Driving north (home) through Washburn, snow was falling, small flakes but moderately. The snow has continued and is still falling here, northwest of Washburn. Radar shows very, very weak echoes over most of northern Bayfield County... lake-effect snow. Amounts are extremely light so far, but with the blowing wind my visibility while driving was greatly reduced.

Windchill Advisory still in effect.

A Windchill Advisory was in effect all day, and is in still in effect for a large chunk of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the UP of Michigan tonight until noon tomorrow (Sunday). This indicates, by definition, that windchills are expected to be between -25 and -34 as long as the advisory is in effect. The forecast low temperature for my location tonight is -15.

Current here on the Hill at 0:00:

Temp: -4.1
Dpt: -10
Baro: 30.33 "Hg
Wind: light from WNW
Chill: -6
Sky: clear with a moon and light snow.

Today's high temp and average.

My high temperature today was actually now, just before midnight at -4.1. Afternoon temperatures hovered around -5.0 with windchills as low as -15.

The average high for the date is 22.82 degrees and the average low is 0.68 degrees.

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