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Happy New Year! Recap of the past few days' snowfall, summary of 2007's precipitation on Maple Hill, and whatever else I throw in.

In the right-hand column I keep track of current precipitation numbers, both snowfall and liquid. The screenshot (to the right) was my totals from 2007.

We ended the year at
about 80% of normal, a bit dry. If you look through the months - April, May, June, July, and August - were all well below the amount of rain we should have seen. July was the worst month of the drought... we had only 30% of the rain we should have seen.

The autumn months saw a dramatic increase in moisture - September, October, and even December were all way above 100%. The jet stream stayed far to our south in November, keeping all the moisture away from us.

Measuring snow.

This is a picture (to the left) of my snow-core sample this morning.

Since 2000 I have used a 4" diameter rain gauge to keep track of
my rain and snow. By inverting the outer cylinder, you can take a core sample of the snow, and then melt the snow to find the liquid equivalent.

This is the same rain gauge that CoCoRaHS is using for their project across the US. Their site is here.

he lake-effect snow has come to an end.

So anyway, I measured my snow... 4" over the last two days from Lake Superior. Very fluffy stuff, a snow ratio of 25:1!

Reports from Ashland County are either missing or reported nothing more than a dusting of snow. I was listening to the HAM Radio Guys this morning, and KC9GSK outside of Highbridge in central Ashland County measured only a trace of snow with 14" on the ground. It looks like the lake-effect snow was mainly affecting the Bayfield Peninsula and Iron County's high terrain.

The birds are hungry after bunking down the past two days.

On a backdrop of snow-covered spruce branches, I got a picture (
to the left) of the chickadees on the bird feeder.

This is a new feeder I picked up from a wonderful bird store in town, Northern Migrations. The outside wire mesh is mobile, and drops down to cover the feeding holes when a larger animal latches on to the feeder (i.e. red &
grey squirrels and bluejays). I love this feeder! Some nuthatches have also been at the feeder lately.

Current Snowdepth Across the State.

From NWS Milwaukee's webpage, the map (to the right) was published at 11:00 today (and every day).

The highest amount of snow currently on the ground is in northern Iron County (27"), but even the southern part of the state has between 3 and 19 inches.

The lowest depths in the state appear to be around Green Bay and up the Door Peninsula, between 0 and 7 inches.

Looking ahead.

Temperatures will soar up to the 30s by Friday, and even the mid to upper 30s on Saturday & Sunday.

This will be quite a bit above normal... the average high temperature for me here on Maple Hill is around 21.6 on January 5th.

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