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The dilemma we are facing across northern Wisconsin: What type will the precip be???

I can only talk about what it looks like right now. This might change a little -- the computer models are is good agreement (when this happens, the confidence in the forecast is high) but we are sitting on a knife's edge and it's difficult to say which way we'll fall... one way or the other.

It looks like that at some point around mid-day Monday light freezing rain will start to fall across the area. The air above us will start out dry so it will take a little time for the atmosphere to moisten, delaying the onset of precip.

Later in the afternoon temperatures will rise enough for it to turn over to all rain. The map (to the right) shows expected precipitation at 3:00 pm. Periods of freezing rain are also possible. The rain should continue on/off through the evening until around midnight. Between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm temperatures start edging downward to 32.

Before midnight the temperatures should start to plummet, slowly at first, then faster after midnight. By 7:00 the next morning temperatures across the area should be between 10 and 20 degrees.

The map (to the left) shows expected weather at 3:00 am on Tuesday. By this time precipitation should have turned completely over to snow.

With the sudden drop in temperatures, any water on the roads will instantly freeze. Also, road temperatures are around 17 degrees right now, and will probably not rise above freezing. With roads like this, any rain on the roads will cause a slushy or icy mix.

Warnings and watches will be issued as needed by the surrounding NWS Offices.

This is all the time I have for now.


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