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I like it HOT HOT HOT! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday have been scorchers up here in the Northwoods!!

Thanks to the cute little graphic from Accuweather (to the right), I can better illustrate my ramblings. A high pressure that has been over the Southeast (and an upper-level ridge over the Eastern US) has allowed southerly winds to pump up warmth into the Upper Midwest the past few days. This high pressure is now sliding off to the east.

Some Local Numbers.

I put together the chart (to the left) from local reports across northwestern Wisconsin from the 5th, 6th, and 7th.

The peak of the warmth was obviously Sunday the 6th. To better illustrate that, I put Sunday's high
temperatures into a different chart and compared them with normal high temps for that date (below left).

In addition to my information, more can be found on Derek's NW Wisconsin Weather Blog concerning the area surrounding Clayton, WI.

Comparing climatologically.

For each location I looked up the average temperature for January 6th and subtracted that temperature from the recorded high on January 6, 2008.

The difference ranges from 14 to 22 degrees above average! No records were broken, but the warmth is a bit unusual for January.

The high temps have been melting my snow the last few days. I measured 18.2 inches on the ground January 2nd, down to 15.0 inches on January 5th, and now 12.5 inches today on the 8th. A loss of 5.7 inches in one week.

Current weather.

Rain covers the southeastern third of the state, with fog north of the rain. Melting snow has saturated the lower level of the atmosphere, and with no winds to mix the air, dense fog has formed.

TWC map (to the right) shows a departing low pressure over Milwaukee with a slow cold front over northwestern Minnesota.

Derek has reported that freezing fog
and mist was coating trees and branches this morning across his area. This was enough of a problem that local schools closed today, though no advisories were issued by the National Weather Service.

The picture (to the left) was taken by him around 10:45 this morning. Ice covering the White Pine tree is starting to push the branches onto the powerline. However, he still reports no problems with electricity service.

Looking ahead a little.

The cold front will continue to advance south from northern Minnesota this evening, bringing drier and cooler air into the region. Though the graphic (to the right) shows "cold air", it'll actually bring us back to normal.

Then on Thursday another low pressure will move south of us, bringing a chance of several inches of light snow.

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