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Windchills across the area have been quite cold this morning!

Across northern Wisconsin, only two schools have delayed opening by 2 hours, to allow temperatures to rise before sending the kids outside.

The screenshot (above) is from WDIO.com's School Closing page. Mercer is in the middle of Iron County and Minong is in north-central Washburn County.

The map (to the left) is from MichiganWXsystem.com and shows windchill values this morning as of 9:04 cst (15:04 utc). The entire State is between -21 and -32 degrees.

Windspeeds have not been above 10 mph everywhere, so Windchill Advisories were posted only for northwestern Wisconsin.

Overnight Lows.

The map (
to the right) is from my account at MesoWest. It shows low temperatures in the last 24 hours at all reporting stations across northern Wisconsin.

Fifield's data is flagged with 'caution' but I looked at the temperature data and it seems reasonable with me. If it is okay, it again may be the lowest in the State.

Some of the lowest around the area.

-32. Fifield, Price Co.
-29. Clam Lake, Bayfield Co.
-28. Cable, Bayfield Co.
-28. Minong, Washburn Co.
-27. Phillips, Price Co.
-27. Hayward, Sawyer Co.

I had -14.3 here on the hill at 7:35.

For more information on temperatures across the rest of northwestern Wisconsin, check out Derek's blog at NW Wisconsin Weather.

These two pictures (to the left) were taken out my windows this morning. The top one is the sun rising over the trees to the southeast. The bottom is looking from the upstairs balcony at the backyard.

Looking ahead.

Temps should rise up into the upper 20s this weekend, with some light snow chances on Friday night. Across northern Wisconsin snow amounts should generally be around 1 inch, but there could be several areas that reach up to 2 inches.

Looking at Monday's model from the HPC.

After the warm weekend, models are showing a large low pressure coming out of the US/Canadian border Rockies and heading our way on Monday evening. On Monday at 6:00 the models put a 976 mb (28.82 "Hg) low in North Dakota!!!

By 6:00 on Tuesday the models take the cold front east over Lake Michgian.

This system will bear watching, as there will be a strong pressure gradient (meaning strong winds) and the possibility of some Gulf moisture to work with. For now, the computer models are not in complete agreement with the strength of this possible system, but do agree the cold front will be the beginning of some more arctic air.

With the arctic cold front and a Canadian high pressure that will sink southward, we'll have to watch how low the temperatures will go by the end of this next week.

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