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Still chilly, but warming up a little. A clipper today and maybe some lake-effect tomorrow.

Temperatures are 20 degrees colder today across the Central Plains behind that cold front moving into the Ohio Valley and lower Mississippi Valley. That low pressure near Chicago will strengthen and move towards northern Maine, bringing snow to the Appalachians and northern New England.

Just north of Minnesota on the map (to the right) is a Clipper-system that will sink southeast across the region today and tonight. Another arctic shot will follow the clipper and create a few more days of cold weather.

Temps this morning.

At 6:45 my weather station recorded a low temperature of -6.3. The
map from US Weather Stats (to the left) shows temperatures across the US at 7:00 (13z).

Temperatures across the Upper Mississippi Valley should rise to between 5 and 15 degrees today, everyone should be above zero.

By Friday, warmer air should move in from the Pacific. Highs in the 20s would feel nice and warm but a warm-up may mean clouds/snow.

Today's Clipper.

The 1014 mb low (29.95 "Hg ) will slide east and be around Sault Ste. Marie by tonight, deepening to 1008 mb (29.77 "Hg).

As NWS Duluth's Weather Story graphic (to the right) shows, a weak cold front from the Clipper will move south today. Moisture is a little limited so amounts should be in the 1 to 3 inch range, but will be confined to northern Wisconsin.

Then, as the winds turn to the north or northwest by Wednesday, a brief shot of lake-effect will be likely along the Gogebic and Penokee Ranges (the snowbelt of Ontonagon, Gogebic, Iron, and Ashland counties). Right now the NWS is indicating 2 to 6 inches are possible by Wednesday. This snow event will probably miss me here on the Bayfield Peninsula.

Light radar echoes.

Radar at 10:06 this morning depicted light snow (5 to 10 dbz) across far northwestern Wisconsin moving east with time.

Here on the western shore of Chequamegon Bay the radar is overshooting the snow. It has been lightly snowing all morning, but accumulations will be light.

This light snow will continue until the cold front finally passes through in a few hours.

Temps the last 10 days and the next 4.

In the chart (to the right) I put my measured highs and lows from January 12th until today, and the forecast highs and lows through the 26th. I also added the climatological average highs and lows for each of these dates for comparison.

The graph in the chart shows the highs in red (forecast is dashed) and low in blue (forecast is dashed). The lighter lines are the average high and low temperatures for each date. The scale on the left is degrees Fahrenheit from -20 to 40.

Currently on my hill at 11:45:

Temp: 6.5
Dpt: -2.5
Baro: 29.94 "Hg
Wind: 1 to 5 mph gusting to 18 from SW.
Chill: as low as -4
Sky: 80% overcast with light snow.

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