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Very cold across all of the north-central US this morning.

The map (to the right) is from Unisys Weather and shows temperatures at 9:00 this morning. The -15 contour covers all of northwest Wisconsin.

My low temperature was -16.4 at 7:47.

Currently on Maple Hill at 10:00:

Temp: -11.7
Dpt: -19.6
Baro: 30.307 "Hg
Wind: 2 to 6 mph from SSW
Chill: as low as -17
Sky: clear

The map (to the left) shows the difference in temperature from 24 hours ago. The bullseye over northern Wisconsin indicates that the temperature at 9:00 this morning is 21.2 degrees colder than at 9:00 yesterday. That's quite a difference!

Cold continues through the weekend.

Windchill Advisories have been in place overnight across all of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the UP of Michigan, but will expire at 12:00 today. Windchill Advisories (definitions here) mean that windchills will reach between 25 and 34 degrees below zero with winds at least 10 mph.

More advisories are likely to be issued for tonight.

My lowest windchill recorded on my Vantage Pro weather station was -26 degrees at 8:50.

The map (above right
) is from the NWS Graphical Forecast suite, showing expected high temperatures today. Only the far southeast corner of Wisconsin is expected to reach above zero today.

Observed low temperatures this morning across the area.

Reports from official stations show that Sparta ( Monroe County ) and Rhinelander (Oneida County) had the lowest temperatures across the state at -25.

The map (to the left) is from my account at MesoWest. This map shows low temps in the past 24 hrs from all networks (NWS, DOT, RAWS, and personal stations).

Across northern Wisconsin:

-30. Fifield (DOT) -- Lowest in the state?
-23. Glidden
-22. Barnes
-22. Minong
-21. Cable (DOT)
-20. Clam Lake
-20. Woodruff (DOT)
-19. Ino (DOT)
-18. Highbridge
-18. Superior
-17. Ashland (NWS)
-17. Ironwood/Hurley

Any records broken?

Nope, and it would take quite a bit more cold to reach and then break already established records. Several examples... the record low in Duluth is -32 from 1994 (they had -21 this morning); International Falls is -40 from 1963 (they had -26); Ashland is -29 from 1994 (-17 this morning).

The rest of northwest Wisconsin.

More information about the area to my southwest can be found on Derek's NW Wisconsin Weather Blog.

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