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A quick post that I'll add pictures to later. Just came back from town -- most roads are not plowed, and visibilities are below 500 feet. The car didn't make the corner/hill in the driveway, so had to drag the snowblower out. So far about 6 inches has fallen. The winds have not picked up yet, but if/when they do, the fluffy snow will drift terribly.


WI DOT reports (18:00) all roads across the state are 'snow-covered and slippery'.

Above: In Washburn, people were at the grocery store before the snow started (around 10:30) but the roads had a bit less traffic around 14:00

Left: My house-mate snow blowing the driveway so the car could make the hill/corner of the driveway.

Current Conditions at 18:45:

Temp: 20.2
Dewpoint: 14
Barometer: 29.99 "Hg and falling
Winds: 1-5 mph from the East
Windchill: 14

A quick snow-depth measurement on my snowboards at 19:00:

one board read 6"
the other read 10" (drifting)
ground readings 8"

Above: Through the patio doors looking onto the front deck.

Left: My wireless weather station looks like it is developing a drift :) If the signal degrades, I'll know why.

Right: Another shot of the front deck, with the weather station in the background. The powdery snow is sifting through the gaps between the boards of deck... a cool effect.

Below: A zoomed-shot of some spruce boughs as the daylight began to fail.

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