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Wind chills didn't get quite as low as forecast (that's okay!), and have been followed by a very nice day.

In a Public Information Statement released by NWS Duluth, the lowest temperatures across the region occured in Koochiching and northern Saint Louis counties: Littlefork had -27, Embarrass reported -25, and an automated observing station in Cook recorded -26. The map (to the right) is a screenshot from MesoWest displaying overnight low temperatures from automated reporting stations. Co-op observers are no included in this map.

Winds were not as strong as forecast, and died down a little earlier than thought, allowing wind chill values to stay above the previous predictions of -50. However, breezy conditions across northern Minnesota were still creating dangerous wind chill temperatures; the lowest was Grand Marais with -32 at 8:30, the lowest in Minnesota.

Tropical Storm Olga -- 2007 Atlantic #17

Olga was the 17th named storm of the 2007 season, something no one expected. She formed on Dec 11th and moved west over Puerto Rico and Hispaniola before dissipating on the 13th. Rainfall of 6-8 inches pummeled the deforested slopes of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The death toll has risen to 28 people, one in Puerto Rico was in a mudslide, several in Haiti were flash floods, the rest occurred in the Dominican Republic where a dam above the capital city Santiago had to be opened to prevent bursting. Questions are now being asked about the evacuation procedure. A BBC News story is here.

Olga is only the fourth tropical storm to make landfall in December since records began. Dr. Jeff Master's tropical blog is a great source for current events concerning tropical and marine storms.

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