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A warmer day than expected, but the snow is melting off the blacktop roads and the warmth felt wonderful!

Some altocumulus clouds passed across the sky today, but in general the blue sky dominated. The moon will be full Dec 23rd at 19:15 CST, and is 86% full today.

Today's numbers here:

Temps: 23.2 / 38.8
Dpts: climbed from 20 to 28 degrees
Baro: falling to 29.86 "Hg
Winds: light and variable
Sky: mostly sunny


South winds ahead of a larger frontal system in the inter-mountain West have brought up warmer air from the South. Fog (yellow in the map) has formed as the warm/moist air has moved over colder (and snow-covered) ground.

Severe weather has been occurring across the Lower Mississippi valley. Hail and wind has been reported in MS and AL with one report of a possible tornado in Lincoln Co, MS.

Climatology - (since we all know I'm a fan!)

The normal high for the date should be around 24.7, I had 38.8 at 14:25. We would have to get above 47.0 to be a record... and that's really not happening any time soon.

This screenshot (below) shows recorded temperatures on this date since 1906. Six previous years have been warmer than we reached today, so today's warmth is not terribly unusual. I'll enjoy the warmth while it lasts! I wonder if 1923 is a result of Global Warming.

Quick Outlook

The next few days will remain above normal until a low pressure system and cold front will pass through the region on Saturday. Behind that front the winds will usher down some cooler air from Canada and we will see temperatures return to normal for this time of year. The weekend weather system will have to be watched, as it could bring 3-4" of snow to northern Wisconsin and ice further south.

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