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25. 26. Storm tonight & tomorrow. 27. 28.

Expected storm totals have been bumped up a notch or two.

I'm out of town for the holiday weekend, but still in northern Wisconsin, northern Price County/ southern Ashland. My connection is currently dial-up, so I won't be going too in-depth.

This morning I left Maple Hill in light rain 9" of snow still on the ground. It had rained lightly all night and the temps did not drop below freezing at my house. This is strange weather. The highways heading south this morning were very wet and about 34 degrees. Air temperature was around 35, so I missed any black ice.

The dry slot of the northern low pressure has passed over the area this afternoon, giving us a break in precip. Now at 19:40 light snow is starting to fall here and the air temp is falling below freezing. Visibilities have been only a mile or two all day, and now cloud levels are lowering to the tops of the radio/cell towers in town. Black ice will be forming shortly. Winds will be increasing to 40 miles per hour, highest near Lake Superior. Whiteout conditions are expected along US 2 and 51 and Wis 13.

As the map illustrates, most of northern Wisconsin is looking for 10-20", my location is expecting 15" and Maple Hill could see up to 20". I won't be home until Tuesday, so I hope the plows clear the driveways by then.


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