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Waiting for the township's plow continues.

Luckily, I don't absolutely have to leave the house today, otherwise I would be screwed. Late yesterday afternoon the plow cleared one lane of the three miles of road on the backside of Maple Hill. What the plow didn't clear was the second lane and the driveways. The bottom of my driveway is now packed with drifted snow and the detritus left from the first plow's pass. I grew up very used to cleaning out the driveway with a shovel, but that was a much shorter driveway. Here, I have 740 feet to worry about. No, I'm not going to shovel the whole thing -- this is the township's job, my large $$ deposit should guarantee they fulfill their responsibilities. Apparently there is no hurry!!

Even a full day after the snow ended, roads across the state are still not cleared. Wisconsin 141 north of Green Bay is listed by State Patrol as Ice Covered and Hazardous. All the highways north of Wausau are still Snow Covered and Slippery, this includes US 51 and US 2.

This map updates every few hours (more often during dangerous weather) and can be found via two sources. The Winter Road Conditions website of WI DOT and by calling toll-free 1-800-ROADWIS (762-3947).

The two pictures (to the left) are from the upstairs bedroom here at the house, looking at the backyard... beautiful.

Yesterday's Numbers:

Temps: 20.8 / 30.3
Dewpoints: 22 to 29 to 17 degrees
Barometer: 20.79 to 30.20 "Hg
Winds: gusts up to 13 mph from NW
Windchills: not a factor
Precip: 2.5 inches new snow (0.16")

My water equivalent was 0.16" liquid. A snow-to-liquid ratio of 15:1.

Overnight lake-effect briefly kicked in when winds veered north. The town of Gile in Iron County reported up to 8" in one location (Snow Belt). The winds have backed to the WNW and shut the snow off. 3-5" were reported in the higher terrain inland of the South Shore of Lake Superior.

There were three weather-related fatalities reported in Wisconsin.

Wausau CBS wsaw.com

Currently at 10:40:

Temp: 16.1
Dewpoint: 12
Barometer: 30.38 "Hg
Winds: 5 mph from the WNW
Windchill: 12
Sky: cirrus overcast

The last two pictures are taken from the road. First is looking up the driveway. What you see is only half.

The second is looking up the road, looking west. The attached paper box was taken off the mailbox by the plow. Thanks. The weekend paper may pass us by this Sunday :(

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