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The first of two Alberta Clippers is sliding southeast through the region today.

Another one on Thursday. This first one has the beginning energy that impacted the Pacific NW the last several days. The second one will be a later punch of energy, however it looks like moisture may be lacking.

A picture shot of the garage at 10:30, yes, it's snowing again. Below the picture is a screenshot of radar.

INFLOW-WI radar page

The main bulk of the snow is moving southeast, bringing up to 1 inch of snow per hour. A Snow Advisory has been issued for this area until 21:00. Generally 3 -5 inches are expected.

If you look closer at Lake Superior, more specifically along the South Shore, there are two snow bands setting up. Devil's Island reports winds NE at 18 kts (20.7 mph).

(The Western Lake Superior buoy was retrieved for the winter on Nov 27th.)

The NE winds have allowed lake-effect snows to develop as the moisture moves inland. The eastern snow-band is the one currently affecting me here on the hill.

The NWS has drawn up the map (to the left) outlining where the heaviest snow will fall from the Clipper.

Tonight, after the Clipper pulls away, winds will continue to be favorable for more lake-effect snow.

NWS Duluth is contemplating issuing advisories for the South Shore area, but snowfall amounts may not meet criteria guidelines. Regardless, for my location, they are forecasting another 2 - 4 inches of more snow tonight.

This would bring tomorrow morning's snowfall totals to 3 - 7 inches at my house. Of course, west-central Wisconsin may see that much today, but they wouldn't see the lake effect overnight.

And finally, I found a snow depth map that I think is easy to look at but still detailed, from Weather Underground. This map is from 18:00 on Monday, December 3rd.

Yesterday's Numbers:

Temps: 14.1 / 20.8
Dewpoints: 17 down to 10, up to 16
Barometer: up to 30.39, then falling
Winds: up to 14 mph overnight
Windchill: 6.1 at 8:15

Average High for date: 32.4
Highest temp for date: 58.0 (1998)
Lowest temp for date: 6.0 (1972)

Currently at 11:30:

Temp: 21.1
DP: 18 degrees
Barometer: 30.13 "Hg and falling
Winds: light from the NE
Sky: status overcast and light snow

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