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Thirty one and-a-half hours after the end of the storm the town's loader finally came to dig us out. That was after three phone calls to the town garage's answering machine, which I suppose has a large DELETE button that they automatically punch (instead of PLAY).

And between you and me, I'd give the loader guy a C+. Not bad, but not great. I'd let him live, but that's just because I'm in such a good mood that the driveway is no longer drifted shut.

Duluth's NWS Office has put together a nifty little map that shows where the heaviest snow fell across their forecast area. Since I was rating the plow-dude, I'll rate them too. B- There's a purple line south of Superior that nose dives off into Lake Superior instead of going east, staying north of Hayward and Park Falls. But hey, I suppose the NWS guys don't care quite as much as I do. The map's page can be found here.

Also, I didn't dislike the NOHRSC's Interactive Snow Information page, so I took a screenshot and added (to the left). This map shows a model of snowdepth, as of 6:00 this morning.

Interactive Snow Information

That's all from me, for now.

And if the plow guy reads this... I'm only kidding. You're new and you must be tired.


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