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First, thanks Mike for passing through my blog and leaving the comment. I will enjoy reading through your blog & will be sure to check back from time-to-time. Here's a link to the Alabama Weather Blog for anyone else to browse through. I'm impressed with the plethora of news, pictures, maps, info, and computer model screenshots, (but models give me a headache after a while so I'll continue to pass on adding them here :)

Second, Winter Storm Watches have been posted across the Upper Midwest: the entire forecast areas of Duluth, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Davenport, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Marquette, and Sioux Falls.

The North Shore of Lake Superior may see more than 12 inches... the Lake and the cliffs there may produce more moisture and lift.

The rest of the U.P. and northern Wisconsin may see between 8 and 12 inches of snow. Winds could also be a factor, gusting up to 20 mph.
There's a great site created by a smart guy named John Dee. If you want to know about snow across the Western Great Lakes, his site is a must-read. With his indulgence, I snipped his forecast for Saturday.

Do check out johndee.com -- there is a huge network of web cams, graphical snow forecasts, a text discussion, historical weather, and his journal. The pages are geared towards snowmobiling, but cover winter weather thoroughly.

I want to point out that we have about 3 inches of
snow on the ground already. It has been lightly snowing the past two weeks -- the early stuff melted on contact but temps have plummeted since then. The following three pictures are from this morning (the 30th).

Lake effect clouds and light snow have been falling this morning. The rest of Wisconsin has been getting early-winter sunshine, but not along the South Shore. With the blowing wind it is difficult to be exact on how much snow has fallen overnight, but I am estimating 1/2 an inch; combined with the 2 1/2 inches previously on the ground, we have about 3 inches total now.

Yesterday's Numbers:

Temps: 5.2 / 12.3
Windchills: between -4 and 12 degrees
Dewpoints: between -2 and 2 degrees
Barometer: 29.94 rising to 30.30 "Hg
Winds: up to 8 mph west, gusting as high as 24
Precip: 0.5" snow (0.05" water eq.) 10:1 ratio

Currently at 10:54:

Temp: 3.7
Dewpoint: -5
Wind: 3 mph West
Windchill: -1
Barometer: 30.38 "Hg and rising


Low temp: 2.6 degrees at 7:23
Lowest windchill: -8 at 6:53
Highest windspeed: 20 mph WSW at 7:11

Forecast Low Track

I wanted to put up the map that the storm system is expected to take. When the low pressure is in southern Wisconsin Sunday morning, it is still forecast to be 999 mb (29.50 "Hg). The threat in southern Wisconsin is a mix of freezing rain and sleet before turning over to snow later Saturday.

Northwest Wisconsin Weather Brief

And finally, a quick glance of current weather conditions can be found at a page I have put together called NW WI Weather Brief. Plenty of links, maps, and graphics can be found there.

Of special importance is the WI DOT Road Conditions weblink. Drive safe!!

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