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Added, divided, multiplied, and rounded... November's precip.

Liquid-wise, November was only a third of *average. Average should around 2.18" of water, I measured 0.745". This produces 34.2% of normal. Added to the yearly amounts, November brings the total of 2007 to 21.28". Average should be around 27.47" at the end of November. This produces a number of 77% of normal as of November 30th. As a baseline, the area should receive about 28.85" in one calendar year. With the total of 21.28" so far, this produces 73.8%. We'll need another 7.57" of liquid precip to end the year where we should be. I doubt this will happen. In keeping with a negative outlook, this will make the second year in a row that has fallen short of expectations. (To get a better grasp on failed expectations, see my drought blogs from this summer here.)

Now, on to snowfall. Average snowfall for this month should be around 7.6 inches, while I measured 4.55 inches of snow. This is only 59.9% of normal.


When I speak of 'averages' they come from a University's Experimental Farm located exactly 9 miles south of my location. For snowfall, the time frame is 1971 to 2000, a thirty-year period. For precipitation and temperatures, the time frame is 1 Jan 1906 to 12 Dec 2000. This data comes from a program called ClimProb v.3.1.

The Experimental Farm is located 2 miles from Lake Superior at an elevation of 656 feet above mean sea level.

My location is 4.7 miles from Lake Superior at an elevation of (about) 1020 feet amsl, 364 feet higher in elevation.

I am sure that the distance between the two of us, differences in terrain and elevation, as well as the orientation from Lake Superior, create large differences over the 9 miles that separate us. This weighs heavily on my mind when I look at averages.

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