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Coldest air of the season will invade the region tonight, windchills well below zero. All eyes on a possible major Winter Storm on Saturday/Saturday night.

A swirling mass of polar air over northern Manitoba will be bringing low temperatures tonight just above or below zero. Winds will be westerly from 10 to 15 mph, gusting up to 20. This will bring windchill values in NW Wisconsin between -10 to -20 degrees, farther north will feel colder, between -25 and -35 degrees F where a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect tonight.

Skies today cleared in the afternoon, the west winds have moved the lake-effect stratus off the South Shore. Measuring the snow that fell from yesterday through the over-night hours was difficult due to the strong winds last night. I measured a high wind gust of 24 mph from the NW at 00:16, this helped to drift the fluffy snow.

The best I could come up with is:
New snow fall: 1.5"
Total snow fall: 2.5"
Snow water equivalent: 0.08"
Snow-to-liquid ratio: 19:1

Upcoming winter storm possible

Attention has quickly turned to a potential potent winter storm that may materialize on Saturday across the Western Great Lakes. Models have come into better agreement that a low pressure will form coming out of the southern Rockies and quickly move to the Great Lake region. The centered-solution of the models points to the low moving across southeastern WI, with a pressure of 1000 mb (29.53" Hg). NWS Duluth is pointing out that the timing and amounts will be difficult to pinpoint this far out, but with quantitative precipitation between 0.5 and 1 inches and a snow-to-liquid ratio around 15:1, someplaces could see over 8 inches of snow. With such high totals possible, NWS Duluth has issued a Winter Storm Watch for it's NW Wisconsin and NE Minnesota forecast area.

Today's numbers:

Temps: 5.2 / 12.3
Dewpoints: steady between 5 and 0 degrees
Barometer: rose from 29.94 to 30.17 "Hg
Wind gust: 24 mph NW at 00:16
Low windchill: -5 at 7:09
Yesterday's precip: 1.5" of snow (0.08" water equivalent)

Chilly tonight!

The official forecast calls for a low temperature of 5 degrees tonight with west winds 15 gusting to 25 mph. This will produce a windchill of -13 to -17 here on Maple Hill tonight.

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