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Yes, I've fallen even further behind... let me do a quick catch-up, in seven-day increments.

Oct 26th - Nov 2nd

Mostly sunny with temperatures at or above normal.
Nov 3rd - 9 th

Mostly cloudy. Temperatures fell to below-normal through the week.

Nov 10th - 16th

A little sun and temperatures were slightly above normal, but began falling towards the end of the week.

Nov 17th - 23rd

Overcast with temperatures near average. Several cold fronts marched through.

Nov 24th - 29th

Overcast and Alberta Clippers beginning to swing through the Upper Midwest, bringing cold air from the polar region, keeping temperatures below-normal. A larger storm was expected on the 28th, energy from a Clipper was forecast to phase with a Colorado Low to produce 3-6 inches of snow along the South Shore, 6-9 inches of snow along the North Shore. Winter Storm Warnings were issued for the N.Shore, Snow Advisories were issued for the S.Shore, all were dropped early.

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