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October 6th

October 8th

October 9th

October 10th

Last Thursday (4th) was a beautiful day ahead of a low pressure system moving out of the northern Rockies. High temperatures were almost 15 degrees above normal along the south shore of
Lake Superior.

Friday (5th), however, brought change. An advancing warm front was moving up from the south but stalled over northern Wisconsin. Lake Superior is still chilly and was able to create a stable layer of cool air over the waters. This stable layer of air proved to be a problem for the advancing warm front, the front couldn't budge the Lake's influence.

This allowed Friday and Saturday (6th) to be very chilly, damp, foggy, and overcast along the coastline of Wisconsin, while inland a few miles to the south the temperatures were between 80 and 85 degrees!! Phillips was sunny with a warm southerly breeze while Bayfield was 58 and misting. I mention Bayfield here, because this weekend was the 46th annual AppleFest. Despite the cold temperatures and unpleasant weather, the streets were packed and the Winery was doing fantastic business.

Sunday (7th) was a pleasant lull in the weather, the warm front was able to push a little farther north and brought some warmer air to Maple Hill. Bayfield was warmer, but the Apostle Islands didn't fare so well. My high temp was 80.9, Bayfield reported 78.8, and Devil's Island had 57!!

Rain came on Monday (8th) as a surface low pressure system moved through. I measured 0.72" total here on the hill. Behind the surface system was an upper level low that was in no hurry. The upper low slowly slid across Lake Superior and Michigan.

The impacts of the upper low began to settle into the region on Tuesday (9th) as the winds began gusting to 30mph from the west. Temperatures began cooling off and mist & drizzle combined to make a raw day.

Wednesday (10th) was no better, colder in fact. The high temperature was 47.9, while normal for the date is 60 degrees. The grey & overcast skies hung around, as did the blustery north winds, but the mist ended. The upper low is continuing to slide away from the Upper Midwest, allowing conditions to slowly rebound to normal.

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