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A summary of Aug 26 through Oct 3. Two periods of rain, temperatures near or below normal. Catching up on rainfall... the drought's end is in sight!!!

Sunday 9/30

Wednesday 10/3


Average high temps for this time of the year are around 65, lo
ws should be around 54. The last eight days have seen highs between 60 and 70 degrees with lows between 37 and 57 degrees -- some nights have been below normal.


Average rainfall for September is 3.84" over the last 95 years in my locale. I measured 3.72" which brought us to 97% of normal! This is the first time northeastern Bayfield County has received near-normal precipitation all summer!!!

And already October is starting off wet; between Tuesday (2nd) and Wednesday (3rd) there was a large shield of rain that overspread the region, resulting is rainfall totals around an inch for the entire region. I was lucky enough to measure 1.20" at my house.

Drought Recovery

The rain of the last three weeks has really helped the drought that has been in the Extreme Category this last summer.

From the red Extreme of July, August, and September the colors on the Drought Monitor have progressed from Extreme to Severe to Moderate. This morning's Drought Monitor (Oct 2nd) brought the good news!! With more rainfall in the coming five days, conditions may improve even more.

So far this year we've received 15.4 inches of precipitation. Normal from January 1st to October 4th is 23.15 inches... we are at 66.5% of normal -- or we've had two-thirds of what we should have had so far.

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