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Rain overspread the area last night as cold front moved through, no thunder. Clearing today: windy and cooler.

Around 20:00 last night I saw distant flashes of lightning to our west. The rain began at 3:15, but I heard no thunder. Throughout the night it rained lightly on and off, amounting to only 0.17" at 7:00. The heaviest rain actually began at 7:20 and lasted only 20 minutes. By the time the sprinkles tapered off at 8:00, we had 0.30" total. The radar map (to the right) was saved at 20:20.

Overnight the low pressure deepened over Lake Superior and moved across the region, dragging the rain producing cold front with it. My lowest pressure was 29.54 "Hg (1000 mb) at 2:45 this morning.

To recap with yesterday's numbers:

Temps: 68.1 / 86.7
Windgust: 14 mph ENE at 14:45
Dewpoints: 66 up to 71, then back down to 66
Barometer: falling throughout the day 29.74 to 29.63 "Hg
Rain: none

Rainfall totals

St. Louis County in MN received up to 8.81", the highest in the region. The public has reported Highway 1 is washed out near Ely, MN and that the Kawishiwi River is continuing to rise. Flood statements are in effect until 19:00.

Around NW Wisconsin the amounts are a bit lower. Solon Springs reported 0.70", Brule 0.60", Barnes 0.49", Butternut 0.30", Ashland 0.24", Bayfield 0.20", and Madeline Island 0.08". I officially recorded 0.30" at my site.

Windy today, clouds breaking up, much cooler

As the cold front moves east, cool & dry northwest winds are quickly moving in behind the rain. In eastern North Dakota the winds are gusting between 30 and 35 mph (the yellow on the map to the right). Winds around the Bayfield Peninsula are 10 to 20 gusting to 25 mph. The winds are forecast to relax overnight.

The highest gust my weather station measured today was 20 mph at 12:52 from the NNW. My location is shielded by many trees and the hill... 20 mph is high for me.

Currently at 14:39:

Temp: 68.4
Dewpoint: 55.7
Wind: 3 mph from NW
Barometer: 29.79 and rising
Rain (last 24hrs): 0.30"

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