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Cold and cloudy Monday. Cool and sunny today, Tuesday.

In the dirty north flow behind the last cold front, yesterday had problems clearing the clouds, resulting in overcast skies, cold temperatures, and breezy conditions. High temperatures in the Upper-Midwest ranged from the low-50s to 60.

My weather station recorded the highest temperature at midnight, as temperatures fell throughout the day. Afternoon temps were in around 52 degrees.

Yesterday's numbers:

Temps: 50.2 / 65.6
Dewpoints: falling sharply, from 65 to 45
Barometers: 29.74 rising to 30.04 "Hg
Windgust: 13 WNW at 14:00

(Left) are some apples in the trees growing in the yard. (Right) are cirrus clouds invading the region, taken this afternoon.

A high pressure (1020mb) drifted across the region last night and this morning. Clouds finally broke up before dawn this morning. Late this afternoon a trough of low pressure is moving west from the Dakotas. Winds are returning to a southerly flow head of the approaching wave, allowing temps to reach 60s in most areas.

Today's numbers:

Temps: 37.8 / 60.2
Dewpoints: between 36 and 46, rising
Barometer: peaking at 30.10 "Hg, then falling
Windgust: 14 mph WNW at 01:50

The trough is triggering areas of rain and thunderstorms, and will be approaching the region overnight. Rainfall is not expected to be heavy and will end tomorrow morning.

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