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Thursday saw fog in the morning before a clear day. Storms built in later in the evening.

It was stormy in the very early morning hours of Friday with a break mid-day before a final line of storms swept through in the late afternoon.

Another low pressure system approached the area on Thursday, pressure began falling and dewpoints rising. The morning started off calm and humid, leading to thick fog and visibilities less than one mile. The picture (right) is of the sunrise, the brighter orb above the 'V' in treeline is the sun.

The sun managed to burn off the fog in the mid-morning hours and allowed some clear skies. Light rain moved into the region by 15:00 and some thunder mixed in an hour later before ending by 18:00.

Stronger storms fired later in the evening, prompting a Severe Thunderstorm Watch(#676) at 23:00 until 6:00. Two batches of storms moved through, once after midnight and another at dawn. Severe Thunderstorm Watch (#678) was issued at 6:05 until 12:00, and some warnings were issued, mainly for hail up to nickel size, as the warm front finally moved through the region.
A break in the rain and clouds allowed some sun and pleasant weather until clouds returned in the middle of the afternoon. At 14:50 a Tornado Watch (#679) was issued as the cold front began to plow east. The final line organized quickly and without much fanfare. While there was some hail present in some of the cells, and winds gusted to 35 mph as the line went through, there was no lightning or thunder.

Thursday's numbers:

Temps: 41.5 / 59.8
Dewpoints: rising from 43 to 60
Barometer: falling rapidly from 30.30 to 29.80 "Hg
Windgust: 10 W at 19:15
Rain: 0.40"

Friday's numbers:

Temps: 52.8 / 77.0
Dewpoints: continued rising to 68 then plummeting to 47
Barometer: bottoming out at 29.40 "Hg then rising
Windgust: 26 mph N 17:25
Rain: 0.50"

Estimated radar rainfall totals around the region range from between 0.25" up to 5". I received 0.4" on Thursday and 0.5" on Friday, for a total of 0.9", again missing the larger totals, but grateful for a measurable amount.

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