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Freezing temps last night across the Northland. A nice day followed.

Temperatures varied, but the northern two thirds of Wisconsin and most of Minnesota received freezing temperatures early this past morning.

The coldest location in the lower 48 at 3:00 AM was Hibbing, MN with 21.9 degrees F. This map shows temperatures at 3:00.

esterday's numbers:

Temps: 37.0 / 52.5
Dewpoint: gradually dropping from 37 to 29
Barometer: sharply rising from 29.87 to 30.34 "Hg
Wind gust: 22 mph NNW at 10:10
Rain: none

The high pressure moved in last night, bringing the cold temperatures by allowing the winds to drop and radiational cooling to occur. Today the high pressure continued to drift southeast, allowing winds to return from the south this afternoon. Cirrus clouds began moving in from the west today and the barometer began falling. The sunshine warmed temperatures up and it ended up being a beautiful day.

Today's numbers:

Temps: 30.1 / 59.3
Dewpoint: slowing rising from 27 to 35
Barometer: falling to 30.13
Wind gust: 11 mph NW at 9:40
Rain: none

Today I was invited out by a friend to spend a few hours in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. A beautiful spot called Pine Lake (I'm looking up the difference in definitions between a LAKE and a POND!!). A floating bog rings part of the 'lake' and we had a blast walking around looking at plants. It's been awhile since I've been in a canoe, it felt wonderful to be on the water. And the last picture is of Pitcher Plants, very cool little critters, beautiful too!

Thanks Sara & Sam!!

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