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Breezy and cool today.
Frost and freezes tonight.

Winds will gust up to 30 mph from the northwest this afternoon. The strongest winds will be along the Lake Superior south shore. Waves over the open waters of the western half will build up to 8 - 11 feet. Gale Warnings and Small Craft Advisories are in effect today across the lake.

These winds are a result of the pressure gradient between yesterday's cold front and low pressure moving off to the east and a high pressure building down from northern Canada.

This high pressure will bring calm clear skies to the region tonight. Combined with a polar source, this high pressure will bring very cold temperatures to the entire Upper Midwest tonight and tomorrow morning.

As a result, the National Weather Service has issued Freeze Warnings across the western UP of Michigan, northern Wisconsin, and the north half of Minnesota.

Frost Advisories extend through the southern half of Minnesota, most of southern Wisconsin, and most of Iowa.

If the growing season didn't end Monday night in the Northland, it will tonight.

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