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Sunny summer days: warm and humid yesterday, today more of the same. A nice breeze to make it even better.

Yesterday the warm front moved up into Canada, allowing warm southerly winds to pump up warmth and moisture.

Today that warm front has stalled into a stationary front and will begin moving south/southeast as a cold front tonight and tomorrow.

The picture above is a pot of greek oregano by the back door. The sunshine on this mediterranean herb seem to be the perfect image of how the weather feels today!

Yesterday's Numbers:

Temps: 59.2 / 89.7
Windgust: 16 mph NW at 14:05
Barometer: falling throughout the day, from 29.89 to 29.73 "Hg
Dewpoints: hovering between 65 and 70

Today has been breezy, gusts have been around 13 mph, sustained has been around 3 mph (that's a lot considering my tree-sheltered location). The high temperature (so far) today has been 86.7 F. Skies are mostly sunny, though a field of cumulus humilis has popped up across the region.
Farther to the northwest is a line of storms that are firing along the front. Those clouds, lightning, and rain will be moving this way tonight. The map (to the right) shows lightning strikes in the hour before 15:30. The white color indicates most recent, darkening over time to the red, indicating an hour previously.

The entire region is basking in the sun and enjoying the breeze. Temps range from the lower to mid-80s with southerly breeze and mostly clear skies. From the surface map (to the left) you can see the temps -- red is the current temperature, below that -- black is dewpoint. The line points to the direction the wind is coming from. Dewpoints are approaching 70 in most areas. The moist atmosphere should allow for some much needed rain later tonight across the region.

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