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25. 26. Cold Lake Superior air yesterday. 27. 28.

Coastal areas of Lake Superior were dominated by cold Lake Superior air yesterday, fog in the same areas this morning.

Hayward had afternoon temperatures around 90 with clear and sunny skies. 55 miles to the north, Superior had 59 degrees all afternoon with fog and mist.

Phillips had afternoon temperatures in the mid 80s with clear and sunny skies. 65 miles to the north, Ashland had temperatures falling into the low 60s while becoming overcast.

As you can see by my crude sketch (I didn't save a surface map image yesterday), a warm front was across northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. South of the warm front, winds were southerly, drawing up warm and humid air. North of the warm front, winds were northeast or east off of Lake Superior.

Mid-Lake water temperatures are in the 40s, cooling the air above the water to about 58 degrees. This is the air that moved inland over far northern Wisconsin and the North Shore of Minnesota yesterday.

(Current mid-lake water temperature map here)

Yesterday's Numbers:

Temps: 58.9 / 72.4
Windgust: 11 mph southeast at 0:25
Barometer: steady at 29.93 "Hg

Foggy morning, warmer today

With the combination of the marine air of Superior, the warm front sweeping over the area, and calm winds... fog has been able to form this morning. Ashland, Ironwood, Superior, and Duluth had a visibility of 800 feet this morning. Elsewhere, farther inland, reported clear or some slight haze. The clipped satellite image (on the left - above) shows the low clouds & fog.

With the warm front moving north of the area today, temperatures will warm considerably from yesterday for the lakeshore areas. Forecast highs for Chequamegon Bay are in the mid to upper 80s with south winds 5 to 10 mph under a mostly sunny sky.

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