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No rain has fallen in the last 8 days. All precipitation has continued staying to our south -- the heat and moisture has been trapped south of the low pressures and fronts that have been draped across southern MN, southern WI, and IA. Up to 12" of rain has fallen across Grant and Lafayette Counties of SW WI in the last 2 days, causing flooding. There have been 6 deaths in southern MN so far. However, today that pattern seems to be finally shifting.

The last three days have seen clouds covering all of Wisconsin, leaving most of Lake Superior and northern Minnesota sunny. An east wind has been funneling down the Lake, creating strong winds. Duluth saw gust to 30 mph yesterday, and the Western Lake Superior Buoy reported gust to 31.5 mph with waves of 5.9 feet.

Today continues to be chilly and grey. Winds have been gusting to 13 mph yesterday and today, but the temperature continues the struggle to climb above 65. As the quick chart to the left shows, the average high temperature is around 75 F. However, the highest high temp recorded for this date is 93 in 1976 and the lowest high temp is 60 in 1990, so we're not in abnormal territory.

Hurricane Dean -- the fourth named storm of 2007, the first hurricane

Everyone has been watching Hurricane Dean in the western Caribbean. Yesterday he side-swiped Jamaica as a Cat 4 storm, overnight he moved 100 miles south of the Cayman Islands, and now he is approaching the Yucatan Peninsula. Today he has a chance of reaching Cat 5 strength before landfall. His path takes him back over water on the Bay of Campeche before a second landfall into mainland Mexico later this week.

For our region the forecast is indicating a good chance of some measurable precipitation tonight... here's hoping.

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